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Management of Physical Renewable Energy Assets with Optimal Operational Performance in both Wind & SolarThe Generation/Asset Management Groupe at EDF EN Canada recognizes the management of physical assets is key to long-term operational performance and delivers the expertise that owners need to optimize the project performance and profitability while ensuring the respect of health, safety and environment aspects.

As an owner’s representative, we provide oversight of wind and solar projects by managing the projects and all applicable agreements (commercial, municipal, provincial), certifying compliance and optimization of returns over the project’s life cycle.

Early involvement of the group in the project development process allows efficient collaboration with all stakeholders, ensuring that all interests are respected, and for timely input regarding environmental and regulatory frameworks, operational requirements and optimum equipment selection.

  • Commercial agreement management (including claim management, end of warranty inspections, etc.)
  • Operational oversight (including Health & Safety, Environment, etc.)
  • Financial management
  • Business reporting
  • Project performance optimization
  • Monitor and implement federal, provincial and municipal policy and permit requirements
  • Stakeholder management

To learn more about the Generation/Asset Management Group please email us at: